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Deepblu Event | Best Dive Buddies
Share your story with us and win a pair of COSMIQ+ Dive Computers and a set of Buddy Watchers for you and your buddy!
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Best Dive

Best Dive

Do you have someone to always watch your back while diving?


Do you have someone who always takes you where the cool stuff is?


Let’s hear it for your best dive buddy!

Share your story with us on Deepblu and win a pair of COSMIQ+ Dive Computers and a set of Buddy Watchers for you and your buddy!


Brought to you by Deepblu and Buddy Watcher.


“Well-written and captivating, this short story about underwater disaster tugged at our heartstrings. Happy ending is exactly what dive buddies are for” – Deepblu

“We like the author’s passion for the beautiful underwater world and we can fully relate to the anxiety when losing each other underwater while filming. That’s what our Buddy Watcher is for: helping people stay connected even when distracted by the scenery. Nice pic, too!” – Buddy Watcher


Tag who your best dive buddies are and tell us your stories!


1. Download the Deepblu App.

2.Create a Deepblu account or log in.

3.Invite your dive buddies to create a Deepblu account

4.Join the Best Dive Buddies Community Group

5.Post a photo or video of you and your best dive buddy diving together and tell us why they are your best buddies.

6.Tag your buddies with the @ function using APP.



1. Deepblu’s Pick

A favorite post chosen by Deepblu will win a pair of COSMIQ+ Dive Computers and a set of Buddy Watchers


2. Buddy Watcher’s Pick

A favorite post chosen by Buddy Watcher will win a pair of COSMIQ+ Dive Computers and a set of Buddy Watchers


3. Lucky Draw

A set of Buddy Watchers will be given to one randomly selected post from the top 10 most liked posts.


  • Launch: May 12th, 2017

  • Last Submission: June 9th, 2017

  • Winner Announcement: June 16th, 2017

Buddy Watcher

Accepting the challenge of connecting divers underwater, Free-Linked GmbH came up with a solution called Buddy Watcher.

It connects divers in a silent and personalized manner without frightening the underwater world. The type of communication is vibration which alerts the diver.

Communication is carried out on the press of a button. The divers can have the attention of their buddy and interact continuously.



The Buddy Watcher device is useful to convey information and show attractive things under water to your buddy.

As days’ progress, the Buddy-Watcher team is indulging itself in research to make the dive simpler and easier for the divers. In that aspect of moving forward in technology, Buddy-Watcher has come up with a new feature called Distance Measurement.



The devices continuously measure the distance between them and alert automatically by vibration when they cross the set distance limit. This enables divers a smooth and safe diving experience.

About Buddy Watcher

The incredible and amazing visuals underwater appear at a blink of an eye and need sharing with your buddy at that instant.
There are certain tools such as Tank bangers or Shakers to call your buddy´s attention, but these tools create a lot of noise which makes the amazing experience a disastrous one.

The aroused noise from these tools disturbs the underwater world which leaves aquatic animals frightened and divers annoyed. To overcome these challenges at the level of underwater communication, a new powerful device is necessary.

Competition Rules & Disclaimer

▪ The submission must be related to diving buddies and must include at least one photo or video.


▪ Entry post may not contain nudity or profanity.


▪ Winner will receive one pair of COSMIQ+ Dive Computers only, regardless of the amount of buddies tagged.


▪ The winner will be announced via the Deepblu Featured Page, Facebook and notified via email.


▪ By submitting posts to the Deepblu Best Dive Buddies Event, you confirm that:

  1. You alone are the copyright holder of the material you submit.

  2. You will be solely responsible for any claim made by any third party with regard to your entry, and for indemnifying Deepblu, Inc. irrespective of all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing to any person or entity by reason of your breaching any of the above.

  3. You will not artificially increase your likes with fake accounts or any other means.

  4. Deepblu, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with any of the above.