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Deepblu Event | Log of the Month - August
SCUBAPRO joined Deepblu Connect, making digital dive logging easier than ever. We’re celebrating by giving away awesome SCUBAPRO gear to the best dive logs in August!
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Log of



SCUBAPRO joined Deepblu Connect, making digital dive logging easier than ever.

We’re celebrating by giving away awesome SCUBAPRO gear to the best dive logs in August!

How to Get Started

1. Log in to Deepblu or Create a Deepblu account

2. Create a dive log in one of the following ways:

a. Wirelessly sync dive data from your Deepblu Connect-compatible* dive computer

b. Manually creating a log from scratch

c. Uploading logs from another app or computer via Subsurface

3. Add a story, gear, photos and/or video for your log to get noticed

4. Submit and watch your log break through the ranks and fight from tier to tier


* Deepblu Connect currently supports the following dive computers: SCUBAPRO Aladin Pro Matrix, SCUBAPRO Aladin H Matrix, SCUBAPRO Galileo 2 (G2), Deepblu COSMIQ and Deepblu COSMIQ+

Rewards & Contest Schedule

August 1st – August 30th, 2017

Tier 1 – Log of the Day:

Hand-picked by Deepblu every working day.

*First Log of the Day announcement on Aug 2*

Tier 2 – Log of the Week:

Chosen by Deepblu users every week based on the number of likes received

Tier 3 – Log of the Month:

Randomly chosen from 4 Logs of the Week and 21 Log of the Days on September 4th.

Tips for getting chosen:

1. The more info the better! Add as much detail you can: photos, gear, conditions, stories and so on.

2. Write a review of the dive spot that is informative and helps others to explore your find!

3. You can create as many logs as you want, so go wild!!


Log of the Month:

SCUBAPRO Galileo G2 Dive Computer

(Announcement on September 4, 2017)

Log of the Week:

$149 Deepblu Shop Gift Voucher

(Announcement on August 9, 2017)

SCUBAPRO Synergy 2 Trufit

(Announcement on August 16, 2017)


(Announcement on August 23, 2017)

SCUBAPRO Frameless

(Announcement on August 30, 2017)

Log of the Day:

One randomly picked Log of the Day will receive a Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

(Announcement on September 4, 2017)

Competition Rules & Disclaimer

  1. The submissions must be dive logs on Deepblu and must include at least one media file, these files can be photos or videos.

  2. One Deepblu user cannot win multiple dive logs of the week or day.

  3. Submissions for each will be counted from 5 pm the previous day until 5 pm on the current day. All dates and times are Taipei (UTC+8) times.

  4. Entries may not contain nudity or profanity.

  5. The winner will be announced via the Deepblu Featured Page and Facebook. Winners will be notified via E-mail.

  6. By submitting posts to the Deepblu Log of the Month, you confirm that:

● You alone are the copyright holder of the material you submit.
● You will be solely responsible for any claim made by any third party with regard to your entry, and for indemnifying Deepblu, Inc. irrespective of all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing to any person or entity by reason of your breaching any of the above.
● You will not artificially increase your likes with fake accounts or any other means.

Deepblu, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with any of the above.